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Web Designers Peoplestech is the Professional web design, development and SEO service providers, based in Kanpur. The company creates websites for your business that offer great scope for showcasing your specialties and services provided. First we understand each and every requirement of our clients having business related to various industries. Our clientele includes a wide range of professional service providers specializing in different services such as Accountancy, Fashion, Travel, Medical, Technical, Matrimony and a lot more. We are believers of working in the most diversified ways possible to provide higher customization in giving shape to the ideas of the clients, and ultimately reach to their maximum level of satisfaction. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of web designers and developers are well appreciated for their awesome work for many years. They keep sure of bringing in high amount of creativity and passion in our designs. Our designers help the professionals in presenting their services in the most attractive formats in the websites for better viewing by their customers and visitors.










To provide Identification, Process Study, Evaluation and Execution of Industrial Machineries Manufacturing and Supply that reaches the utmost customer satisfaction.


industry leader in Machine Manufacturing through setting industry standards for excellence in the services we provide. We will constantly be tuned to our customers needs through our flexibility, innovation and commitment to outstanding overall customer service.