Peoples technologies offer website operations and maintenance via a fully managed website hosting vendor offering a 99.9% Network Availability guarantee. This service is ONLY available to sites developed internally by Peoples technologies. This is in order to ensure proper/clean development code, and in turn server stability.

Price for hosting service varies depending on each client’s exact requirements i.e. some might require own private servers with full security payment solution software. However, our price is very competitive positioned and surely one of the lowest in the market – we do not strive to profit from this service but merely offer it as part of a complete website development solution.

We Provide the following options in our web Hosting Plans:

99.5% Server up time
Free Set up
Live Support
Instant Activation
Spam Production

Web hosting opens up your website to ocean of customers. Level of your Business exposure also opens up to Ocean by our Web hosting System. We give our shoulder to lift you up; we spare our space for your website in the server. Continuous monitoring for invaders is a vital function for safe communal life. Peoples technologies continuously administers its webpage to avoid any defamers attack and save your webpage. By doing this your Website will be protected and always fly high with good business returns. Peoples technologies will strive hard to achieve this for you.