this property is for sale in kanpur with 3 BHK

Width of road facing the plot : 1000
Total Floor : 15
Floor Number : Upper Basement
Number Of Open Sides : 2
Having Any Boundary Wall : NO
Super area : 0
Built Up area : 315 Sq-ft
Coverd area : 200 Sq-ft
Carpet area : 170 Sq-ft
Plot area : 10000 Sq-ft
Plot Length : 100 meter
Plot Breadth : 10 meter
Entrance Width : 0 meter
Transaction Type : Resell
Current Lease Out : NO

* Stamp Duty Will Be Exclusive


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Overlooking : Garden/Park

Facing : East

Car Parking : Covered

Lifts in the Tower : 1

Flats on the Floor : 5

Availability of Water : 24 Hours Available

Status of Electricity : No/Rare Powercut

Ownership & Approvals : Freehold

Flooring : Ceramic Tiles

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